With over 20 years of Drafting and Design experience and 13 years in Engineering, we are confident in our design ability.  We also strive to deliver not only an end product that you will be pleased with, but also an experience that you will be impressed by.

You will see sections of the site with Crockett Fantasy of Lights or “CFOL” listed and may wonder why.  CFOL is our business that  supports animated Christmas light displays.  We have turned our hobby into a passion and business that is known for being very customer focused.  It has also been where many of our original designs have come from as we tried to help find solutions that would help our display and can be used by others as well.

No project is too big or too small for us.  If you are planning a wedding and need unique decor or table favors,  if you are a company that is looking for gifts for employees with your company logo, if you have a unique problem that needs a custom solution, if you need a custom print file , or if just have an .stl file that you need printed… We can take care of you!

Let us take your Ideas and make them reality one layer at a time!

Darrell and Michelle
Cube 3D